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Shift Worker can manage all of your appointments and events. You can easily jump to a date 6 months from now to schedule a doctor's appointment, or add 10 years of anniversaries with 1 touch.
Save Icon Saves your event to the database.
New Icon Creates a new event.
Edit Icon Edit an existing event. This option is enabled if only 1 event is selected in the list.
Delete Icon Delete an existing event. This option is enabled if at least 1 event is selected in the list.
Show Events Icon Show events. Shows your events in a list based on the mode selected. The modes are: The next 24hours, the selected day, the next week, the next month, and all events in the database (this includes past events that have not been deleted).

On the calendar, events titles are displayed in the event color set in the color setup screen (if enabled). You can have up to 10 events displayed per day (set in the options screen).
Event On Calendar

while the list view shows the event in full, including the time and the details of each event Event In List

Add New Event

Touch the desired day on the calendar or list. If there is an existing event on that day, a list of the day's events will be displayed.
Events In List View

The events/notes list will be shown.
events notes
Tap the add event icon at the bottom left to add event.

new event

Enter event information, then tap the green check to save.

Event - The event title/name.

ABBR - This is the abbreviation for the event that will be displayed on the calendar. You should make this as short as possible to keep it to 1 line.

Event Details - The details of your event.

Auto Delete - Shown when not annual event. Automatically deletes events once they have past.

Share Event - Allows you to choose which share users to send this event to.

Auto Delete checkbox - The event will be deleted when Shift Worker is started 1 day after the scheduled event time.

Alarm Event checkbox - Enables alarming on the event. Checking this shows options for the alarm time and the notification options. The alarm will not be set if one of the notifications is not set.

Auto Alarm Date/Time Setting - There are 3 boxes D=Days, H=Hours, M=Minutes. This is the amount of time to set the alarm BEFORE the set event time at the top of the event screen.
Below the DHM boxes, is the alram setting. You can change these manually, or enter values into the DHM boxes will set them automatically.

Auto SMS checkbox - Automatically sends a text message to one of your contacts at the alarm time.

Audio - shows audio related settings when checked..
Vibrate - sets alarm to vibrate, if phone vibrate is enabled.
LED - blink the notification LED. (depends on phone).

Checking the audio checkbox shows all of the audio related settings.

Touch the ringtone box to select a new ringtone. You can use any ringtone available on your phone.

Ignore Silent checkbox - Alarm audio will sound even if phone is set to silent mode.

The audio volume slider set the volume for this event only.

The One-Time Audio Pattern option will play the ringtone once, while the Cycled option will play the beginning of your ringtone for the length of the ON setting, then it will be silent for the length of the OFF setting. It will start at the beginning of the ringtone each time.
The audio will permanently turn off after the duration set by the Audio Silence After setting.

Repeat This Event - There are 5 different settings for this option: Single Event, Consecutive Days, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly. Setting this to anything other than Single, will repeat this alarm the quantity of the "Total Events" value. For example: Let's say you have a meeting on Thursday of every week for the next 6 weeks, just create the event on the first Thurday, then select "Weekly" and enter 6 into the Total Events box. Shift Worker will create 6 events, using all the same settings on the 6 different dates. This feature is perfect for adding birthdays and anniversaries! Fill in your information, and touch Save Icon icon to save.

Alarm Snooze options
The alarm notifier will popup to indicate an alarm, with 2 options:

Stop alarm - Permanently stops the alarm. It will not alarm again, but the event will visible and remain in the database until you delete it, or it is auto deleted 1 day after the event date.
Snooze - Allows you to re-alarm the event later. any number of minutes, hours or days from now.
Remind Options


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