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Schedule Builder

The builder can be started from the TOOLS menu tools on the home screen or the calendar.

The Schedule Builder contains an editor, and a shift selector / action bar. The builder has 2 functions: building patterns and schedules.

1. When there is no person selected, the editor is in pattern mode, and the days are just blocks (there are no dates). It does not matter what block the pattern starts in, just the sequence of shifts from start to end. You can create as many different patterns as you like. Then you can add them to your schedule later.
pattern mode

2. Once a person has been selected, the editor becomes a calendar. Anytime a pattern is assigned to a person, a start date must be selected, and that's where the pattern will begin. The patern will repeat indefinately.
sched mode

To create a new schedule, press the Person Icon icon, and enter your name.

To add shifts to the editor, select one (or add new shift) from the scrolling action bar at the bottom of the screenbuilder action bar, then tap each day you want to add that shift to in the editor.

schedule with pattern
Add all of the shifts in your rotation, then press Save Icon to save it.

You may be prompted the enter a pattern name, if you haven't already. You can use the auto-generated one, or choose your own. Also, since this is a new schedule, you will be asked if you want this to be the default schedule. If this is your schedule, you will want to select 'Make Default'. The default schedule is the one displayed on the calendar.

Action bar items:
Delete - Select this action to delete the shift on each day touched. No other shifts are affected.
Press And Hold a Day - There are 2 modes depending on what is selected in the action bar:
Shift Selected: If the day you touch contains a shift already, you will have the option to replace all of the shifts that match that day's, with the new one.
Delete Selected: The day is deleted, shifting all latter shifts back to fill the void of the deleted day.

VERY IMPORTANT! Don't forget the OFF days at the end of your rotation. This is a very common mistake, which will cause your schedule to be wrong at the end of the first turn of your rotation.

Save Icon Save the pattern or person's schedule to the database.
Person Icon Select the person whose schedule you want to edit.
Pattern Icon Select a pattern to add to the editor or add a new one.
Replace Icon Toggles between replace and insert modes. In replace mode, the selected shift will replace the existing shift on any day you touch.
Insert Icon Toggles between insert and replace modes. In insert mode, the selected shift will be inserted before the day you touch.
Exit Icon Exit the builder.


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