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v2.0.153 (9/27/2016)
* Fixed Google Cal sync on some devices
* Fixed crash on auto delete events
* Fixed crash when defining shifts

v2.0.152 (9/3/2016)
* Fixed Google Cal sync on some devices
* Fixed master pay not setting
* Added multiple sick day entry

v2.0.151 (6/24/2016)
* Fixed crash on some devices when event is displayed

v2.0.150 (6/5/2016)
* Fixed crash on some devices after upgrade to Android version 6.0

v2.0.149 (3/14/2016)
* Fixed crash when select day with event on it

v2.0.148 (1/22/2016)
* Fixed Google Cal sync crash on some devices

v2.0.147 (1/20/2016)
* Fixed Google Cal sync crash on some devices

v2.0.146 (1/10/2016)
* Fixed new events not using default color code

v2.0.145 ()
* Fixed crash during Google Calendar sync on some devices
* Fixed event end date was allowed to be less than start date

v2.0.144 (1/3/2016)
* Fixed crash with short event name

v2.0.143 (1/3/2016)
1. Fixed alarm audio not shutting off when alarm windowis showing and back or home button pressed.
2. Added google calendar sync
3. Added location to events with map selector
4. Added navigation button on events screen
5. Added color coding to events
6. Fixed holiday and vacation indication on home screen widgets
7. Many minor improvements

v2.0.141 (9/2/2015)
* Fixed crash when setting color codes
* Fixed home screen calendar widget not showing vacation

v2.0.140 (8/30/2015)
* Fixed crash when setting icon

v2.0.139 (8/29/2015)
* Fixed crash on event screen in landscape

v2.0.138 (8/2/2015)
* Fixed bug in event sharing
* Alarm auto snooze not timing. Closes immediately.

v2.0.137 (7/6/2015)
* Fixed issue with manual shifts showing up for multiple schedules

v2.0.134 (7/2/2015)
* Fixed forum screen name not saving to backup

v2.0.133 (6/28/2015)
* Fixed no button on the first screen of wiazrd on some devices

v2.0.132 (6/27/2015)
* Added copy event option
* Fixed email screen shots not updating
* Added auto adjust Smart Alarm to OT option
* Added Smart Alarm disable when sick option
* Fixed bug where OT and sick times sometimes not displayed on last week of month

v2.0.131 (4/26/2015)
* Fixed crash when first day of week is set to Monday
* Fixed some minor bugs

v2.0.129 (4/23/2015)
* Fixed crash when viewing a shared schedule on some devices.

v2.0.128 (4/20/2015)
* New private forum for all users with cloud account
* Fixed crash restoring database if Smart Alarm in backup
* Fixed 1 week widget last day off by 1 week
* Fixed error in Smart algorithm
* Fixed Display Format setting in wizard not setting

v2.0.127 (4/8/2015)
* Fixed crash when first day of week is set to Monday

v2.0.126 (4/7/2015)
* Fixed can't add icon from shift screen
* Fixed change cloud account password not working
* Improvements to Smart Alarm and Silencer
* Improved look of event listing
* Fixed duplicate shifts in selector for Smart Alarms
* Many minor improvements

v2.0.125 (3-24-2015)
* Fixed very large text on some devices.

v2.0.124 (3-23-2015)
* All new icons
* Fixed new shared data not showing in list
* Fixed share users text very large on some devices
* Tools is now called Menu
* Fixed calendar list view legend and rule display

v2.0.123 (3/5/2015)
* Fixed crash on some devices displaying events widget.

v2.0.122 (3/4/2015)
* Added send text on event alarm
* Improved snooze screen
* Minor bug fixes

v2.0.121 (2/28/2015)
* Added data scheduled backups
* Added selectable local data backup folder
* Various minor improvements

v2.0.120 (2/21/2015)
* Email screenshots of your calendar.
* Events have an Annual option. Only create them once, then they will generate automatically.

v2.0.119 (2/11/2015)
* Major improvements to sharing
* Shared data is now encrypted
* Fixed Holiday and Vacation text on calendar not displaying correctly
* Improved encryption

v2.0.118 (1/25/2015)
* Fixed manual shift entry from calendar not showing selector.
* Fixed Alarm popup not showing correct date.

v2.0.117 (1/22/2015)
* Fixed one week widget not showing shift end time.
* Minor improvements to cloud manager.

v2.0.116 (1/20/2015)
* Fixed many crash bugs.
* App much more stable.
* Improved home screen widgets.

v2.0.115 (1/11/2015)
* Fixed crash issues.
* Improved 1 week home screen widget.
* Improved speed in several areas.

v2.0.114 (1/6/2015)
* Fixed vacation stat calculation error.
* Fixed Schedule Builder crash on some devices.

v2.0.113 (1/5/2015)
* Fixed Before/After Shift option for Smart Alarm.
* Fixed crash when alarm set with audio, but no ringtone set.
* Added vacation year for stats.
* Fixed date selector not accepting input from number selector.

v2.0.112 (1/4/2015)
* Fixed no audio on Smart Alarms.
* Fixed not accepting number input on time selector.

v2.0.111 (12/23/2014)
* Fixed crash if button pressed during holidays download.
* Fixed some checkboxes text not showing.
* Fixed some crash issues.

v2.0.110 (12/23/2014)
* Fixed crash issues.
* Fixed crash if button pressed while downloading holidays.

v2.0.110 (12/21/2014)
* Fixed crash on screen rotate.

v2.0.109 (12/17/2014)
* Improved setup wizard
* Fixed crash on event save with some devices.
* Major alarming upgrade

v2.0.108 (12/7/2014)
* Add upcoming events/notes home screen widget

v2.0.107 SKIPPED

v2.0.106 (11/28/2014)
* Fixed crash on some devices in Schedule Builder
* Added Holiday and Note icons on calendar. Clean up calendar clutter
* Added user selectable event and note colors
* Added reset settings to default option on Help screen
* Added current week color setting
* Added regional holidays selection. Improved holiday setup screen

v2.0.105 (11/15/2014)
* Moved MODE toggle button on Holidays screen to the upper right corner. Some deivices do not have a menu button, so users could not edit their holidays.

v2.0.104 (11/8/2014)
* Fixed 4x1 widget taking space of 4x3. All existing widgets must be removed, then re-add for this chagne to take effect.

v2.0.103 (10/13/2014)
* Fixed Schedule Builder crashing

v2.0.102 (9/25/2014)
* Fixed icons not being created.

v2.0.101 (9/21/2014)
* Added option to disable smart alarm on holiday or vacation.

v2.0.100 (9/20/2014)
* Fixed system volume set to minimum after alarm.
* Added padding to event and note items in calendar popup.
* Fixed calendar scrolling back to current week when scrolling.

v2.0.99 (9/19/2014)
* Added Smart Silencer. Auto silence periods based on shift you are working and day of the week.
* Add shifts with no start or stop time. Shift text only.
* Fixed Holidays and vacation showing shift text (if enabled) instead of HOL or VAC.
* Fixed new note date set by day selected on calendar.
* Fixed note save icon not working.
* Fixed Smart Alarm audio reliability.
* Improved event/note popup display.

v2.0.98 (9/5/2014)
* Fixed Smart Alarm volume.
* Added icon and description for OFF days. Long press OFF day on calendar.

v2.0.97 (9/4/2014)
* Added Alarm Volume for each event.
* Added override silenced phone for alarms.
* Fixed show OFF if OFF AT is disabled.
* Added A-Z and 1-9 icons.
* Added infinite color selection for icons.
Icons retain style when colored.
* Added option to show normal working hours on vacation days.
* Fixed icon for OFF selectable from calendar.

v2.0.96 (8/28/2014)
* Repeat events mass edit/delete option.
* Fixed minor bugs.

v2.0.95 (8/17/2014)
* Fixed crash opening Off-Time settings screen.
* Fixed minor bugs.

v2.0.94 (8/16/2014)
* Fixed bug in encryption algorithm.

v2.0.93 (8/15/2014)
* Fixed schedule builder crash when rotation has 10 or more weeks.
* Fixed entry fields hard to see when entering info. Working on themes. Set in options.
* Fixed crash opening people and pattern screens.
* Fixed alarm popup shows when phone locked.

* Fixed crash opening schedule builder if schedule longer than 10 weeks.
* Fixed entry fields hard to see when entering info. Working on themes. Set in options.

* Fixed Week starts with Monday option.
* Improve home screen to include icons for most common actions.
* Improved alarming.
* Auto Sync all data between devices.
* Added recent events auto fill list.

* Disabled Week Start On Monday Option due to crashing on some devices.

v2.0.88 (4/9/2014)
* Add last day of month payday option.
* Fixed multiple chedule display in list format.
* Minor bug fixes.

v2.0.87 (4/7/2014)
* Removed swipe to close event display at bottom of calendar. crash on some devices.

v2.0.86 (4-7-2014)
* Fixed error in event alarm settings display on calendar

v2.0.85 (4-7-2014)
* Fixed crashing on some devices

v2.0.84 (3-26-2014)
*Alarm time showing incorrectly when editing event
*Improved look of Calendar and Schedule by list screens

v2.0.83 (2/18/2014)
*Fixed crash select a date in landscape mode
*Fixed duplicate days not grayed out between months

v2.0.81 (2/17/2014)
*Fixed crash on backup when event is set to alarm

v2.0.80 ()
*Fixed cloud not connecting

v2.0.79 (2/14/2014)
*Set default color for Week Number option.

v2.0.78 (2/14/2014)
*Improved date and time selectors.
*Week number option in list view.
*Off @ days colored as off day.
*Fixed 1 minute shift in alarm time.
*Fixed alarm time not correct in event listing.
*Many minors updates.

v2.0.77 (2/1/2014)
*Fixed off-time rule too small to select and not displaying sometimes.
*Fixed off-time not updating sometimes.
*Fixed schedule/off-time mode icon not shown sometimes.
*Moved Updating indicator to bottom of screen.

v2.0.76 (1/31/2014)
*Fixed shift end hours not displayed as time.

v2.0.75 (1/30/2014)
*IMPORTANT! Tap day on calendar only shows events and notes. Long press on calendar to show action icons.
*Pattern selectors show shifts.
*Manually entered shifts can all have different icons and colors.
*Icons in list mode.
*Too many other improvements to list.

v2.0.74 (1/1/2014)
*Fixed Cloud Manager not allowing new account.

v2.0.73 (12/23/2013)
*Fixed payday error when set for every 2 weeks
*Day blank if 'Show Description set for shift with no description text entered
*Fixed Showing OFF even if option set to Don't Show
*Added Overtime (long press calendar)
*Added Sick Time (long press calendar)
*Fixed auto scroll to today when switch between list and calendar
*Fixed current day not switching
*Long press day new options
*Fixed holidays showing twice<

v2.0.71 (12/22/2013)
*Fixed events on Sunday on top of day number

v2.0.70 (11/30/2013)
*Fixed holidays over top of events.

v2.0.69 (11/30/2013)
*Fixed holidays not displayed if work holidays checked
*Fixed payday every 2 weeks error

v2.0.68 (11/29/2013)
*More information on calendar
*Now works in portrait or landscape
*Added text instead of hours option
*Up to 10 event abbreviations per day on calendar

v2.0.67 (10/22/2013)
*Fixed crash on off-time compare
*Fixed crash edit event with share user

v2.0.66 (10/16/2013)
*Fixed auto restore data from trial or SW1

v2.0.65 (10/16/2013)
*Fixed cloud restore crash Smart Alarms
*Fixed payday not refreshing after change in wizard
*Stabilized code. Protect against null values

v2.0.64 (10/15/2013)
*Fixed day details crash
*Fixed event save crash

v2.0.63 (10/14/2013)
*Ringtone null pointer issues fixed

v2.0.62 (10/14/2013)
*Fixed Smart Alarm Ringtone Bug

v2.0.61 (10/12/2013)
*Fixed Smart Alarm bug
*Fixed color picker bug

v2.0.60 (10/10/2013)
*Fixed bug on some devices alarm popup
*Fixed dug on icon color selector
*Fixed bug when restore if not backed up yet

v2.0.59 (10/8/2013) DB=14
*Added alarming options: ringtone, cycle audio on/off, auto audio off
*Fixed bugs

v2.0.58 (9/28/2013)
*Fixed crash issues
*Fixed alarming bugs
*Many minor improvements

v2.0.56 (9/15/2013) DB=13
*Fixed crash on day details
*Fixed error when backup contains shared users

v2.0.55 (9/3/2013)
*Fixed crash in calendar null dateStr

v2.0.54 (9/2/2013)
v2.0.53 (8/30/2013)
*Added smart alarms
*Fixed random crashes on calendar
*Added 4 week pay interval
*Manual shifts, vacation, and icon are now added and removed directly from calendar
*Added note option
*Added startup wizard

v2.0.52 (6/19/2013)
*Fixed not allowing new shift entry
*Added date range for manual

v2.0.51 (6/15/2013)
*Fixed icons on event screen

v2.0.50 (6/15/2013)
*Fixed OFF and ON-CALL colors
*Cleaned up icons
*Minor bug fixes

*Fixed widget bug
*Added shift description in Day Details, Schedule List, and Email Schedule

v2.0.48 (6/9/2013)
*Fixed hidr startup screen

v2.0.47 (6/7/2013)
*Fixed bug in "GetHoursForSingleDay"
*Completed upgrade compatibility between versions

v2.0.45 (6/6/2013)
*Fixed email bug
*Fixed day details bug

v2.0.44 (6/5/2013)
*Added shift icons
*Fixed email schedule

v2.0.43 (5/14/2013)
*Fixed shift color crash
*Fixed insert pattern bug

v2.0.42 (5/11/2013)
*Fixed calendar crash
*Fixed calendar off-time crash

v2.0.40 (5/10/2013)
*Fixed calendar crash
*Fixed widger OFF@
*Fixed hide start screen

v2.0.38 (4/28/2013)
*Fixed email schedule

v2.0.34 (4/8/2013)
*Fixed calendar white spaces on random days

v2.0.33 (4/7/2013)
*Fixed minor issues

v2.0.32 (4/5/2013)
*Improved calendar display
*Date selector now shows day of week
*Monthly header imbedded in calendar
*Many minor improvements

v2.0.31 (3/8/2013)
*Fixed off-time comparison algorithm.
*Fixed holidays not initializing.

v2.0.30 (3/3/2013)
*Fixed schedule in list mode color coding.

v2.0.29 (2/26/2013)
*Builder not indicating person selected. Fixed.

v2.0.28 (2/26/2013)
*Fixed Minor Bugs

v2.0.27 (2/26/2013)
*Changed to Shift Worker Pro
*Added Shift Worker Cloud
*Backup/Restore to cloud
*Share events throught cloud

v2.0.26 (1/24/2013)
*Fixed Schedule Builder.

Known Issue. Schedule Builder broken. Fixed in version 2.0.26.

v2.0.24 (1/14/2013)
*Fixed typo in import SW1 data message.

v2.0.23 (1/14/2013)
*Fixed alarm snooze / delete buttons logic swapped

v2.0.21 (1/2/2013)
*appPref "eventListMode" change from string to int causing crash when viewing events after update from <ver16.
*Added icons in all screen title bars.

v2.0.20 (12/30/2012)
*minor bug fix.

v2.0.16 (12/28/2012)
*Changed to continuous scrolling calendar.
*Redesigned schedule builder.
*Replaced buttons with icons.
*Fixed minor bugs.

v2.0.15 (11/12/2012)
*Fixed 'EV-' flag not displaying on full calendar.

*minor bug fix.

*Added option to display abbreviated event description on full calendar (for days with only 1 event).
*Added "Repeat This Event" option. allows you to enter recurring events at 1 time.
*Fixed date not displaying in selected format.
*Fixed null pointer crash in database.
*Fixed Alarms not deleted when auto delete old events.
*Fixed Alarms not deleted when multiple selected events deleted.

*Minor bug fix.

v2.0.11 (11/7/2012)
*Minor bug fix.

v2.0.10 (11/7/2012)
*New Release.


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