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Shift Worker (standard version)
“Huge help! Absolutely love it.” ... Marshall C.

“Perfect app! With different work patterns this is the ideal app to keep track of everything. Highly recommended and 5 star. ” ... Tanya F.

“Shift Worker Great app. Took a few minutes to figure how to post the shift. Works great, Use it all the time Really helps me with outside of work appointments Keeps current updates.” ... Gregory C.

“Great app Every shift worker needs this. ” ... Larry T.

“Just what I need for my strange shift patterns!!” ... Dave S.

“Great app. Works great for non traditional corrections officer shift work. ” ... Glen P.

“Great app and great support This app is great for the shift worker. It lays everything out for you so you can plan vacations and such without having to check your schedule at work. It was a bit difficult to figure out a first but with a little playing around it all worked out. I had it crash once and sent an email to the tech ggus and had it fixed super quick. Then several months later they followed up to ensure it was still working. Great support.” ... Steve G.

“Better now I must admit it took me a while but after playing around with it I love it because iam a shift worker I will gladly pass the word on to fellow workers thanks for this app. ” ... Louise L.

“I had to do a factory reset on my phone and was worried I would lose everything. The cloud backup worked brilliantly. This is one of the best apps I have got and use daily. It keeps developing for the better. Thanks for all your hard work! Took a bit of working out but after watching the videos was easy. Like the way I can upload my partners shifts too. Excellent. ” ... SW User

“Magnificent Allows you to create appointments within a roster pattern (just what I needed). Easy to set up & use. Absolutely loving it! ” ... Jackie C.

Shift Worker Pro
“The BEST. Getting better every day. Always improving. There is nothing this app will not do. Once it is all set up properly it is very useful. Terry is very proactive in addressing any issues and has done a great job with a very helpful idea. Money well spent for something functional that I can really use not just a goofy game.” ... Bill R.

“Customer service Asked if it was possible to add week numbers to the calendar. Within a week update available. And kept informed along the way. What more could you ask.” ... Richard M.

“Works great I work a 10 week rotation and tried several apps and this was the only one that would let you build that much ” ... Randall G.

“I love this app and the developer, if you have any ideas or problems just send him an email and he will help you. ” ... Steven M.

“Excellent customer service! This man fixed an issue on Christmas day!!!! You won't find a better app for shift workers. You won't find a more dedicated developer either. Thank you sir. From a now lifelong customer. This app is my lifeline to the normal world and I appreciate your hard work.” ... Terry B.

“Customer service 5 star, for sure! Excellent app. Easy to use and the features are great! I really like being able to share events with others. The icons and color choices makes the app exciting. Keeping track of O.T. and sick days, is an excellent improvement. This is a very helpful app!” ... Carl B.

“Thank goodness...such a great help given unpredictable shift pattern.” ... Kerry H.

“Awesum App Brilliant app must be the best out there and I've tried a few. Took me less than 5 mins to set the whole thing up, shift patterns, user defined colours, icons, appointments etc. So for you out there that do not have the brains to think for yourself don't rate n slate before contacting the Dev, who is by the way very responsive.” ... SW Pro User

“Excellent Regular updates keep this app on the top of the pile.” ... Phil S.

“Really good App Really good, especially as my husband and I both work shifts.” ... Ali R.

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